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New updates and improvements to Untitled UI.
Version 2.7

Config 2022 component properties + more!

Figma announced some great updates at Config 2022 last week, particularly around auto layout and component properties. We've been working non-stop since to make Untitled UI even better than ever.

To make the most of Figma's new features, we've completely refactored the entire library. Almost every single component has been simplified and improved upon, making it the biggest update to Untitled so far. Was this a lot of work? Yes. But we're really excited about the changes Figma are making and we're already working on v2.8.

We were halfway through this update when these new features were released, so you'll also find a bunch of useful new components and expanded existing pages. We've also got another announcement further down...

What’s new in version 2.7

As we mentioned, almost every single component has been changed so we won't cover everything but here are a few points. Firstly, the entire library has been simplified and improved with the new boolean component property features, drastically reducing the number of variants without losing any of the functionality. A few highlights:

  • Buttons down from 1,320 (with 25 base components) to 760
  • Inputs down from 336, including new input styles to 56
  • Application page headers down from 144 to 12
  • Application card headers down from 96 to 16
  • New command menu (⌘+K) components 🔥 —these were highly requested
  • New section footer components + added to all example pages
  • New tags components
  • New inputs with trailing button and multi-select tags
  • New simplified dropdown components + added hint text and multi-select tags
  • New log in and sign up pages
  • New verified tick component + added to avatar components
  • Expanded library with 40+ new useful hand-drawn scribbles
  • Completely refactored and simplified all button components + removed base component 🔥
  • Completely refactored and simplified all input components + removed base component 🔥
  • Added instance swaps across core components (buttons, inputs etc.)
  • Replaced dividers throughout the entire file with new independent borders (where it makes sense)
  • Drastically improved table components and layouts (no more dividers!) 🔥
  • Avatar groups, page sections, page headers, and example pages simplified with new negative margin feature
  • Drastically simplified core shared components (button groups, inputs etc.) taking advantage of component properties and independent borders.
  • Improved "X" close button and updated every component it's used in (e.g. banners and notifications) with the new absolute positioning feature
  • Added new "X" close button to modals and slideout menus
  • Pagination improved and simplified with independent borders
  • Refactored card and section headers with component properties
  • Improved and simplified date picker components
  • + Much more...
Version 2.6

Introducing Untitled UI PRO LITE

We have some great news for you all! We’ve released a new update to Untitled UI which includes a brand new lightweight version called Untitled UI PRO LITE.

Everyone who has purchased Untitled UI PRO now has free access to PRO LITE with free updates for life.

So, what is Untitled UI PRO LITE?

Untitled UI PRO LITE is a premium and lightweight version of the full Untitled UI PRO kit.

It's 50% lighter, faster, and is designed to include everything you need and nothing you don't. It's perfect for moving fast and for smaller projects! You can preview PRO LITE at untitledui.com.

Even better, if you move the example pages to a separate file, PRO LITE is 70% lighter than the full kit!

We hope that it will come in handy next time you have a smaller project or a tight timeframe. Plus, we want to say thanks to everyone who has bought Untitled UI so far by including it for free with this update.

Why did we create Untitled UI PRO LITE?

We're always looking for ways to improve Untitled UI. We spent weeks creating a lightweight little brother to the full PRO version so you now have two options: start with the complete PRO version or ship faster with the PRO LITE version.

Even though it's ~50% smaller than the full PRO version, the new PRO LITE kit is an incredibly robust and powerful UI kit in its own right. It's still more advanced and better value than anything else we've seen.

What’s new in version 2.6

  • Brand new Untitled UI PRO LITE
  • 50% lighter + faster (70%+ lighter if you move example pages moved to a separate file)
  • Untitled UI PRO is also 7% lighter (40%+ lighter if you move example pages moved to a separate file)
  • Huge new library of 100+ company logos, all painstakingly optically sized proportionally to each other so they line up nicely in your website designs
  • Improvements to almost every page in Untitled UI PRO as we worked on PRO LITE
  • Optimized/improved table components
  • Fixed tab underline sizing issue
  • Replaced all examples in documentation with compressed jpegs instead of layers
  • Removed hidden columns from tables in example pages
  • Added a helpful guide on how to resize logos proportionally to each other
Version 2.5

Interactive components + more!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve released a new update to Untitled UI! 🤗 

The main improvement is by far the most requested: interactive components. We’ve added hover and click interactions, helping you to quickly create prototypes that feel like the real experience.

If you haven’t used Figma’s prototyping feature before, check out this tutorial.

What’s new in version 2.5

  • Added interactive components 🔥
  • Improved original color palette
  • Huge expanded secondary color palette with 16 new grays and colors
  • Softer/improved shadows
  • Improved hover states in dropdowns and inputs — they’re now gray for a more neutral design and better contrast/legibility
  • Expanded library of 42 new hand-drawn arrows
  • Improved application navigation components
  • Improved slider controls with more contrast
  • Simplified and improved tabs
  • Added borders to all dropdowns and lists to improve contrast and legibility
  • Improved calendar component
  • Expanded typography best practices section
  • New "X" close button and updates to every component it's used in (e.g. banners and notifications)
Untitled UI has been an amazing resource that I'm learning to rely upon to spin up ideas in no time. I think I might launch a startup pretty soon by mistake here!
Ricardo Buzzotta
Senior Product Designer, Spotify
Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon
The sheer scale, details, and organization of this kit is mind-blowing. It covers nearly everything a Designer could need in a modern, efficient and systematic way.
Corey Moen
Senior Brand Designer, Webflow
Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon
I'm super impressed with this. I love poking around in other peoples UI Kits to see how they think. This is probably one of the most comprehensive I've seen.
Matt Walker
Design Systems, Mailchimp
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I'm super excited to use this for quick mockups of ideas in Figma. We're always trying to streamline our design process so we can move fast! Definitely recommend.
Jenny Chu
Head of Product, Eucalyptus
Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon
Untitled UI is easily the best UI kit I've used so far. It has an insane amount of components that are all incredibly well-built. I don't even know how many hours this will save.
Tom Bekkers
The attention to detail and thought Jordan has put into this UI kit is unparalleled.
Dan Mcleay
Lead Designer, Fox Sports
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Untitled UI is incredibly well-organized and the attention to detail is great. I highly recommend this kit to any designer that wants to create beautiful designs fast.
Tom Bekkers
Founder & Creative Director, Flowbase
Star iconStar iconStar iconStar iconStar icon
What an awesome Figma kit... it's an absolute game changer. This is the perfect base for any design system. The size and attention to detail is next level.
Dan Anisse
We've been using Untitled to build Himalayas 2.0 and have finished a complete redesign in just a few days. It has everything we need already pixel-perfect.
Abi Tyas Tunggal
Used by the world's top designers from the world's top companies