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Top 14 Premium Icon Sets for UI Design (2024 edition)

There are hundreds of icon libraries on the market today, some free and some paid. We've searched through them all to bring you the absolute best!
A selection of icons from Untitled UI Icons
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Please note that this is our list of the best paid icon sets. We have also written a separate list for the best free icon sets for UI design.

A good quality icon set is an invaluable asset in UI design, but choosing one isn't always easy! There are hundreds of icon libraries on the market today, with new icon sets launching every week. We've been researching icons for two years now and created this list of the best icon sets on the market today so you don't have to!

It's important to note that many incredible icon libraries for UI design are 100% free and open source. That doesn't mean you should necessarily use a free icon library. Not all icon sets are created equal, especially if you're looking for icons designed specifically for UI design. Investing a little bit of money in a premium icon library can make a huge difference.

When we were bulding Untitled UI v1.0 back in 2021, we meticulously combed through dozens of open source, free, and paid icon sets looking for the perfect fit. We even spoke to some icon designers and web designers about creating a custom icon set. Many free icon sets were incredibly high-quality, but the vast majority fell short in terms of quality, consistency, or scale – often a combination of all three.

That being said, before investing in a premium icon library, we recommend checking out a few different icon sets from our list of the best free icon sets for UI design. These are 100% free for commercial use and will help give you an idea of what works and doesn't work in your design project before spending any money. Many premium icon libraries in this list also provide a free set of icons that are free to download and trial in your user interface.

Untitled UI Icons

It's best to pick an icon set from the start

Choosing an icon library for your design project or specific purposes upfront can be a huge investment of time. But what a lot of UI designers and web designers don't realise is how much more work is involved switching to another icon library later on!

Investing a little time upfront to choose a good icon set means you won’t be picking and choosing icons from different icon sets as you go. This paradox of choice becomes a nightmare because as your icon set grows, you invariably introduce different design styles from different icon libraries. This leads to messy and inconsistent UI design, even to the untrained eye.

This also builds design debt. Eventually, you or other UI designers will need to address this and manually switch everything to a more premium and consistent icon library. Nothing stands out more in modern UI design than inconsistent icons and even a free set is a better option than multiple paid icon libraries!

How to choose an icon set for your project

As we've covered, choosing a high-quality icon set from the start will save you a lot of time and resources later on. There are a wide range of different icon libraries on the market, usually these are designed for specific purposes.

Some icon sets are better suited for web design and some are specically crafted for UI design and web applications. If you're new to icon design, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Here are a few key things that we recommend you look out for when choosing an icon set:

  • The icon set should be large enough: You probably don't need an icon library with 10,000+ icons and 6 different styles for your project, but 100 icons isn't going to be enough. 250+ is a good starting point for a UI design or web design icon library.
  • The icon set should be consistent: High-quality icon sets are visually and optically balanced. This means they "look good" and are consistent in weight, corner radius, and size. Inconsistent and unbalanced icons are very easy to spot, especially in UI design and web applications because icons are placed in close proximity to each other.
  • The icon set should suit your brand: Icon libraries come in a wide range of different design styles that change how they "feel". Round and playful icon libraries probably won't suit a more serious B2B web application. Often, premium and paid icon libraries are designed for specific purposes and have distinctive styles — some will work well for your project and brand and others won't.

Before investing any money in a paid icon library, check out some free icon libraries to trial a few different styles from free icon sets. This will help you get an idea for what looks and feels right for your user interface or design project. You might even find one that is perfect and they're 100% free for commercial use! If in doubt, choosing a neutral icon library is usually a safe bet.

We've written more on what makes a good icon library and a more detailed guide on how to choose an icon set here.

Now, onto the list! No one wants to sift through an exhaustive list of 50+ free icon sets, so we've deliberately kept this best icons list selection concise. We've included only what we believe are the absolute best premium icon libraries.

Untitled UI website screenshot

1. Untitled UI Icons — From $59 (use ICONS15 for 15% off)

4,600+ icons across 4 styles • 24x24px bounding box • 2px stroke

Untitled UI Icons are a clean, consistent, and neutral icon library crafted specifically for modern UI design. Made for Figma, in Figma.

This premium icon library includes a whopping 4,600+ essential icons for modern UI design, neatly organized alphabetically into 19 intuitive categories and 4 styles.

Untitled UI Icons launched in early June 2022. It was voted Product Hunt #1 Product of the Week and was downloaded 20,000+ times in the first 2 weeks. It's now the #1 highest-rated icon set on Gumroad and was retweeted 1,250x on Twitter.

Since then, the 100% free icon library on Figma Community has been downloaded over 125,000 times, making it one of the most popular Figma icon libraries of all time.

Learn more about Untitled UI Icons or download the free icon set here! You can use this huge library in as many projects as you like.

Untitled UI Icons

What makes Untitled UI Icons different?

This icon library was crafted specifically for Untitled UI — the largest Figma UI kit and design system in the world and the #1 design and tech product on Gumroad.

We searched everywhere for the "ultimate" icon set for modern UI design to use across all our projects... We couldn't find a free icon set we loved so we made one that ticked all the right boxes.

  • Made for Figma, in Figma. 100% compatible with Figma's latest 2022 component properties and override features. Say goodbye to Illustrator.
  • Crafted specifically for modern UI design. Clean, consistent, and professionally crafted. Purposefully not overly stylized and neutral enough for any project.
  • 4x flexible styles. Choose between minimal line, modern duocolor or duotone, or solid icon styles. Switch styles and maintain icon overrides in Figma like magic.
  • 4,600+ and counting. Packed full with everything you need to design modern and beautiful UI and websites. No more custom icons.
  • Neatly organized + IconJar. The entire library is neatly organized alphabetically across 19 categories. We've also included an IconJar library with super-smart tags for quick search.
  • Smooth corners by default. Untitled UI Icons use beautiful and naturally continuously 60% variable curves on all corners. We stress these tiny details because once you see it, you can't unsee it.
  • 2px stroke weight default. 2px stroke weight by default for visually-balanced icons across sizes. Plus, master icons with live corners are included, so you can tweak corners for your own custom libraries.
  • Optimized SVG output. No unnecessary layers or shapes. SVG outputs are optimized for minimal file size, no unnecessary attributes, and infinite scalability.
  • Use in unlimited projects. In fact, we designed it this way — to be as neutral, flexible, and scalable as possible to use as a single "ultimate" library for any project.
  • Lifetime updates. No subscriptions or "upgrades". Pay once and get lifetime updates forever. We're always making improvements to Untitled UI products.
Untitled UI Icons

Don't forget to check out the 100% free version of Untitled UI Icons, which includes a whopping 1,100+ essential icons for modern UI design.

Pikaicons website screenshot

2. Pikaicons — From $99

3,800+ icons across 5 styles • 24x24px bounding box • 2px stroke

Pikaicons are a relatively new icon library designed by Ashish Kashyap. They're beautifully made, stylish, and crafted specifically to be compatible with Figma's variant properties features.

One thing we love about Pikaicons is they're slightly rounded, giving them a friendly feel and separating them from other icon libraries. With 60% continuous corner smoothing, they just look "right" and are perfect for modern and fun user interfaces.

Pikaicons are one of our favorite icon sets because they're not only beautifully crafted, but Pikaicons are constantly being updated and are very community-focused on social media. You can follow Pika updates on X (Twitter) via @ash_uxi and @Pikaicon.

Pikaicons have also recently released Pikaicons V2.0 FREE, 537 icons available for free download via Figma Community. website screenshot

3. Iconic Icons — From $99 per year

1,328 icons across 1 style • 24x24px bounding box • 1.5px stroke

Iconic Icons are a ever-growing icon library designed by James McDonald & Orman Clark. In their own words, Iconic Icons are "Free, “do wtf you want with” pixel-perfect icons."

The icon library includes 200 free line icons which are incredibly well-crafted and useful. You can upgrade to Iconic Pro to access 1,128 more line icons for $99 per year (solo license) or $249 per year (team license), neatly organized into 42 categories.

You can copy and download SVGs directly from the website. Iconic Pro includes SVG source files, PNG format, a Figma library (.fig), and React and Vue packages.

Hugeicons website screenshot

4. Hugeicons Pro — From $59

27,000+ icons across 7 styles • 24x24px bounding box • 1.5px stroke

Hugeicons Pro is a growing icon library designed by Masum Parvej that is quickly growing in popularity. This icon library comes with an impressively large 27,000+ icons across 7 styles.

We like Hugeicons Pro because they are well-made, neatly-organized into 57 categories, and come in an impressive 7 styles — stroke, two-tone, solid, bulk, and duotone, sharp and rounded icons. The stroke icons in particular are perfect for modern UI design and web design.

The team behind this icon library have also developed a popular Figma plugin, allowing you to search and customize icons to import into Figma. After purchasing Hugeicons Pro, you also get access to the Figma library (.fig), SVG icons in organized folders, and even an IconJar library and React npm.

Anron Icons website screenshot

5. Anron Icons — From $56

5,000+ icons across 6 styles • 24x24px bounding box • 1.5px stroke

Anron Icons are a beautiful and friendly icon library designed by Anton Lapko. The library consists of 5,000+ smooth and consistent icons across 6 styles.

We love Anron Icons because they're slightly more rounded than other icon libraries, which affords them a fun and playful feel. They're also very well-crafted and feature corner smoothing and "live" corners for complete control over corner radius.

Similar to Central Icons (below), Anron Icons are set up as Figma Variants rather than standalone icon components, kind of like a styles group. There are various pros and cons against this approach and Anron Icons offer a free demo file that shows how this works so you can explore.

Iconly Icons website screenshot

6. Iconly Icons — From $99

10,800+ icons across 6 styles • 24x24px bounding box • 1.5px stroke

Iconly is another highly recommended icon library from the team behind Piqo Studio. Iconly differs from most icon libraries on this list because they distribute their icon set via a sleek native app for MacOS and Windows, as well as a popular Figma plugin.

If you haven't used an icon app (like IconJar) or Figma plugin before, they're designed to allow you to search icons and customize them before exporting them for your Figma file or design project.

The Iconly icon library is exceptionally well-structured and high quality, with icons organized into 64+ different categories. Each icon comes in 6 different styles (bold, bulk, light border, light outline, broken, two tone), as well as 3 variants of these styles that adjust border radius (regular, sharp and curved).

You can try out the desktop apps and Figma plugin for free to see how it fits into your design process and workflow.

Nucleo Icons website screenshot

7. Nucleo Icons — From $89

5,200+ icons across 2 styles • 18x18px bounding box • 1.5px stroke

Nucleo Icons is another relatively new launch that we're loving so far. They're a growing collection of over 5,200+ pixel-perfect icons, expertly designed for user interface design.

Currently, Nucleo Icons consist of 5,200+ icons across 2 styles — outline and filled — with stroke duotone and filled duotone on the roadmap for the future. One interesting feature to note about Nucleo Icons is that they're designed on a 18x18px bounding box (grid) which we haven't seen before in an icon library. They've also hinted at a 12x12px version of the library, which is perfect for smaller user interface design. Icon libraries with small sizes for dense UI design are hard to come by.

After purchasing, you can download all Nucleo Icons as SVGs to use in design projects, but we couldn't find any mention of a Figma library (.fig). Nucleo also offer a beautiful MacOS and Windows app to search, organize, customize, and export icons as SVG symbols, icon fonts (similar to Font Awesome), JSX/Vue code, and more. Just like the Nucleo Icons website, it's incredibly nice to use and is a testament to the craft and attention to detail that has gone into Nucleo Icons.

Bunch of Icons website screenshot

8. Bunch of Icons — $49

630 icons across 1 style • 24x24px bounding box • 1.5px stroke

Bunch of Icons are a crisp and high-quality icon library designed by Hüseyin Gayiran and Hakkı Can Kütük. This library is unique in that it has distinctly sharp corners. This is a stylistic choice that sets this library apart with a crisp and modern look.

Directly copy as SVG or download as transparent WEBP, JPG/PNG format, PDF, and animated vector file format Lottie. The paid icon library also includes a Figma library (.fig).

Streamline Icons website screenshot

9. Streamline Icons — From $99

175,000+ icons across 32+ styles • 24x24px bounding box • 1.5px stroke

Founded 12 years ago, Streamline is the oldest icon library on this list and also the biggest! The world's largest icon library, in fact. They're a team of ~8 icon designers creating multiple different vector icons, illustrations, elements and emojis. In total, Streamline's icon library consists of 175,000+ icons.

For UI design, we recommend sticking with their "premium" icon sets, notably the Streamline Ultimate (73,000 icons across 5 styles) and Streamline Core (14,000 icons across 4 styles). Both of these icon libraries are clean, neutral, and great for UI design and web design. They're well-crafted and neatly organized into categories.

If these libraries sound insanely large, it's because they are! Streamline Ultimate (Regular) alone ($349) consists of 16,500+ icons. This is more than you'll ever need for any user interface or design project. But the point is, you'll likely never have to create a custom icon for specific purposes — chances are the Streamline team have already thought of it.

Myicons website screenshot

10. Myicons — From $135

15,000+ icons across 1 style • 24x24px bounding box • 1.5px stroke

Myicons are a large collection of 15,000+ high-quality line icons that are great for modern UI and web design. They're neatly organized across 83+ categories.

Myicons have been around since 2018, which is pretty long in the world of icon design. They claim to be "The World's Largest Icons Pack" and "Gumroad #1 Design and Icons", but neither of those claims are true anymore. As far as we're aware, Streamline Ultimate takes that trophy with 73,000+ icons across 5 styles.

Regardless, Myicons is an impressive library and covers every icon you could possibly need for user interface design.

Majesticons website screenshot

11. Majesticons — From $99

6,950+ icons across 2 styles • 24x24px bounding box • 2px stroke

Majesticons is a clean and professional icon library designed by Gerrit Halfmann. Their free icon set is also featured on our list of the best free icon sets for UI design because it's incredibly useful in its own right, with 720 free MIT License icons in two styles — line and solid.

Majesticons icon library also offers a much larger paid version for sale, with 6,950+ vector icons across 52 categories. It's perfect for UI design, is professionally made, and includes everything you could need for modern user interface or web design.

Epicons website screenshot

12. Epicons — From $24

2,000+ icons across 2 styles • 24x24px bounding box • 1.5px stroke

Epicons is a polished and clean icon library designed by Ümit Can Evleksiz and Eren Türkmen and launched in October 2021.

While Epicons isn't the largest icon library on this list, any icon set with 1,000 icons or is going to cover pretty much everything you need. We love them because they're a clean, neutral, and straight-to-the-point icon library that comes in line and solid styles.

Magicoon Icons website screenshot

13. Magicoon — From $35

5,400+ icons across 4 styles • 24x24px bounding box • outlined stroke

Magicoons is an icon library designed by Seyfeddine Beroual. They're a friendly and modern icon library with 5,400+ Icons across 4 styles (light, regular, filled, and duotone), neatly-organized into 29 categories.

Magicoons offer a Figma library (.fig) and SVGs, as well as support for Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, EPS, and also an IconJar library and PNG format. One thing to note regarding Magicoon is that the icons have been converted to an outline stroke, which means they're not customizable in Figma or with CSS when using them in projects. We'd love to see Magicoons offer support for this in the future.

Central Icons website screenshot

14. Central Icons — From $59

1,014 icons across 2 styles • 24x24px bounding box • 2px stroke

Central Icons are a growing icon library by the Iconists duo, Martin David and Andreas Storm. Martin and Andreas are well-known in the icon design community and their experience shines in Central Icons — they're simple, well-crafted, and versatile.

Central Icons take a slightly different approach with styling to other icon sets on this list. The core of this icon library consists of 1,014 icons across 2 styles (507 line icons and 507 solid icons). These icons are set up as variants in Figma, so you can quickly switch between the follow variant properties:

  • Style: Line, Filled
  • Stroke: 2px, 1.5px, 1px
  • Radius: 0px, 1px, 2px, 3px
  • Join: Square, Round

The result is 30x different possible variants (or combinations) for each icon. The reason Central Icons are set up this way is to allow designers to adjust these icons to fit your brand and style: stroke width, border radius, line or filled version using Figma's component properties instead of styling the master components.

Looking for free icon sets?

Many of the paid icon sets on the market today offer a free icon pack. However, it can be frustrating to find that these free icon sets are more like a "demo" file and usually lack key essential icons that you will need down the track. often, these free icon packs are not free for commercial use.

While this list covers the best paid icon libraries, it's worth checking out our separate list of the best free icon sets for UI design. You may be surprised to find that some of the most high-quality icon libraries are actually 100% free! Here's a sneak preview:

  • Untitled UI Icons — 1,100+ free icons
  • Feather Icons — 287 free icons
  • Majesticons — 720 free icons across 2 styles
  • Unicons by IconScout — 1,100+ free icons
  • Heroicons (1.0) — 230 free icons
  • Heroicons (2.0) — 1,152 free icons across 4 styles
  • Iconoir — 1,544 free icons
  • Iconizer — 1,050 free icons
  • Icons — 704 free icons
  • Phosphor Icons — 7,488 free icons across 6 styles
  • Radix Icons — 333 free icons
  • Lucide Icons — 1,368 free icons
  • Streamline Core Line Icons – Free — 1,000 free icons
  • Tabler Icons — 4,900+ free icons
  • Ionicons — 700+ free icons across 3 styles
  • Remix Icon — 2,700+ free icons across 2 styles
  • Flowbite Icons — 487 free icons across 2 styles
  • Eva Icons — 480 free icons across 2 styles (240 per style)
  • Atlas Icons — 2,337 free icons across 3 styles
  • MingCute Icons — 2,212 free icons across 2 styles
  • Tetrisly Icons — 260+ free icons
  • Doodle Icons — 400+ free icons

Learn more about these free icon libraries, as well as Material Icons, The Noun Project, Bootstrap Icons, and Font Awesome Icons in our list of the best free icon sets for UI design.

Missing an icon set?

It feels like every second day a new icon library launches, but the truth is they're not always great quality. We've reviewed hundreds of these icon sets and try to include only the absolute best quality icon libraries.

If you're releasing a new icon set and would like to be included on this list, let us know! We'd love to check it out.

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Untitled is the best $129 I've spent on my business in a long time. I'm going to keep using it and recommending it to every designer I know.

Sam Pierce Lolla
Sam Pierce Lolla
Founder, Shuffleboard
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Gumroad 5 stars

Over the years we've featured hundreds of UI kits on UXCrush, but Untitled UI is by far the most comprehensive and detailed I've seen yet. A must have for any designer!

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Founder, UXCrush
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I've used all UI kits on the market. I can say without a doubt that the Untitled UI kit is the best on the market. It covers everything a designer needs in a modern and efficient way.

Murat Alpay
Murat Alpay
Product Designer, @imuratalpay
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Gumroad 5 stars

Such a beautiful, detailed, and extensive UI kit. Untitled UI is the perfect foundation for any project. I highly recommend this huge time saver.

Adham Dannaway
Adham Dannaway
Product Designer, Practical UI
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Gumroad 5 stars

Untitled UI has been an amazing resource that I'm learning to rely upon to spin up ideas in no time. I think I might launch a startup pretty soon by mistake here!

Ricardo Buzzotta
Riccardo Buzzotta
Senior Product Designer, Spotify
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Gumroad 5 stars

The sheer scale, details, and organization of this kit is mind-blowing. It covers nearly everything a Designer could need in a modern, efficient and systematic way.

Corey Moen
Corey Moen
Senior Brand Designer, Webflow
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Gumroad 5 stars

I'm super impressed with this. I love poking around in other peoples UI Kits to see how they think. This is probably one of the most comprehensive I've seen.

Matt Walker
Matt Walker
Design Systems, Mailchimp
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Gumroad 5 stars

I'm super excited to use this for quick mockups of ideas in Figma. We're always trying to streamline our design process so we can move fast! Definitely recommend.

Jenny Chu
Jenny Chu
Head of Product, Eucalyptus
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Gumroad 5 stars

Untitled UI is easily the best UI kit I've used so far. It has an insane amount of components that are all incredibly well-built. I don't even know how many hours this will save.

Sunny Trochaniak
Sunny Trochaniak
Founder, NewPulse Labs
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The attention to detail and thought Jordan has put into this UI kit is unparalleled.

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Untitled UI is incredibly well-organized and the attention to detail is great. I highly recommend this kit to any designer that wants to create beautiful designs fast.

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What an awesome Figma kit... it's an absolute game changer. This is the perfect base for any design system. The size and attention to detail is next level.

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Dan Anisse
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Gumroad 5 stars

We've been using Untitled to build Himalayas 2.0 and have finished a complete redesign in just a few days. It has everything we need already pixel-perfect.

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Abi Tyas Tunggal
Co-founder, Himalayas
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